Taking up Astronomy with a Spotting Telescope

By | November 5, 2019

If you are thinking of buying a SPOTTING TELESCOPE but haven’t made your mind up let me see if I can persuade you.

Life can be quite mundane if you’re looking at the ground all the time. We walk around keeping our eyes down or at head height and we rarely look up into the heavens.

Astronomy with a Spotting Telescope

Astronomy with a Spotting TelescopeOh sure, we look at the stars now and again and the Moon but they’re like something you see all the time – it begins to lose its significance. We end up taking it for granted and just assume it will always be there.

Well I don’t think we have to worry about the night sky going anywhere in our life time (we’ll just forget about those pesky Mayans). As it is the stars at night are something worth taking a second look at.

They are are worth pondering and contemplating and the way to do this is with a good spotting telescope.

Looking into the Solar system with a scope is to begin a journey that will take your whole life to complete and even then you won’t complete it. How could you? This damn Universe thing is limitless, infinite! The point is, once you begin you will never run out of things to look at and uncover. You will go deeper and deeper.

Your knowledge will increase and widen not just of astronomy but of physics, chemistry and science in general and you will probably not even notice this happening. It all goes in by osmosis – unconsciously. This happens with all subjects you develop a passion for – we learn naturally becuase we are excited and fascinated. If only all learning could be like this.


Starting astronomy is a spotting scope reviews. Shooting stars, planets, comets, moons, gases and rings are just some of the spectacles you could see. Wouldn’t that make a nice change from sitting in front of the television? It is an awesome hobby to get involved in and receiving a telescope as a gift or giving a scope to someone as a present can be the start of an obsession and lifelong pursuit.

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