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By | September 27, 2019

Apart from the obvious difference about keeping your child and dog safe, you still need to get the best protection and security for your pet. You need to act now as the risks of dogs running excitedly in both urban and suburban areas and getting hit by vehicles are high. Similarly dangerous are situations where your pet could be injured even when it’s leashed and getting hurt by other animals or persons when unleashed. As the pet owner, you’re responsible to give utmost protection for your pet within your property.

Use Innotek Dog Fence

Innotek Dog FenceFace it. You always have something important to attend to, like your family and home chores, a career and social and personal activities to keep up with. You will never be present at all times to keep watch of your pooch, and you need an answer just the same: protection that equals your personal supervision, and care that matches your own.

Get Innotek Dog Fence Basic

To keep your pet safe, secure and yet enjoy the freedom and comfort of your backyard, get best wireless dog fence reviews. This dog fence system covers .33 acres, allowing your dog the free space to have fun and run around. There are various designs and configurations of each system which would best fit your back or front yard, and its restricted areas. Regardless of your dog breed or size, this easy-install and low-cost dog fence has a run-through prevention design, so that your dog is stays in a safe spaces.

Get the Innotek dog fence system and you also get a water-proof receiver for your pooch with easy-adjust collar, along with 50 training flags, 500 feet of wire, and a DVD guide for complete operations and pet training.

Innotek Dog Fence SD – 2100, smaller but practical

If you desire a well-behaved pet, you should. Come to think of it, no other method than having Innotek fence gives you quicker solutions to more playing time and less pet training. With the electronic training and fencing materials, teaching your dog the basics and more advanced discipline is just a button’s push.

The SD-2100 which is a smaller, sleeker version is a rechargeable in-ground pet-fencing. Also water-resistant, it comes with exclusive long-lasting back-up system for your battery which is sold separately. So worry not if and when the power will go out as audible wire break alarms to warn you of potential danger your pet is having.

Innotek IUC – 4200

Dubbed as the Ultra Smart Pet Containment System of Innotek, it comes in chic black color and is available in small and medium sizes. You could keep your dog where you want it placed with the Smart Dog 2000 basic dog fence containment system that is very light at only 2.4 ounce. This training collar is also water-proof and uses 6-volt alkaline batteries which are replaceable, and is capable of emitting warning sounds before it gives those progressive shocks to your pets.

This product also comes with a transmitter designed with built-in lightning protection which will not affect its functions in case of lightning and power fluctuations. It has a controlled area of up to 5 acres, comes with 50 boundary flags and 500 feet of one conductor ground wire.

Innotek Indoor Zone – Pet Barrier

Professionals designed this product bearing in their innovative minds that your dogs need to be far from the problematic nooks and areas inside your house. Where most deterrents need wire connections, this Innotek product saves you the hassles as it is wireless. Just place it in zones where you don’t want your pet messing around with or coming near to, like the garbage bin, dining room table, baby’s crib and play area, or those luxurious furniture pieces and appliances.

Simply select the areas which you wouldn’t allow your pooch to get close to, set the Zone’s protection coverage from two to 12 feet in diameter, and then fit Innotek’s Zone collar into your pet. Voila!

Your dog collar also works with multiple zones corresponding to your problem areas. With a dish, you could achieve specified areas protected from your pet within two to twelve feet as the “zone” collar will emit warning beeps when it does. Static shocks follow when your pet persists closer to the zone, increasing heavier if the dog goes out of boundary. Best of all, the static shock does not hurt but render enough annoying sensation to your pet so it learns house boundaries.

Innotek dog fence is helpful for those dog owners who don’t have time to take their pet for a walk. Innotek dog fence uses a collar on the dog, which gets signal from the receiver indicating the limit where the dog can go about. These dog collars have been approved by many veterinarians as well as dog breeders about its efficiency and health effects. Innotek dog fence device gives a vast range of area for your dog to play with. It ranges almost 25 acres. This helps you not to worry about your pet dog getting run away. Innotek also comes out with training collars as well as barking collars to reduce the barking of the dogs.

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