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By | October 3, 2019

There is present an occasion including LiveMe families. After you join a family, go to the family settings and select “Wear Kingdom Crest.” This enables you to add to “Assignments” in the family and get free coins once they are cultivated. This occasion may just occur for constrained time.

Live Me Apk Download Free

Tap the ‘Free Coins’ symbol in the upper right corner of the live communicate to watch a promotion. You are permitted to watch 4 or 5 advertisements for each day. After every video, you will be compensated with 1-2 coins. It’s not much but rather it includes. UPDATE: LiveMe never again gives free coins for watching Ads 🙁

Live Me Coins

Find and pursue telecasters who do a great deal of coin drops. ‘Coin drops’ are free coin giveaways that occur in communicates. On the off chance that you are great at getting them, you can get LOTS of free coins to blessing back and level up. Related Article: 6 Tricks To Catch More Coin Drops!

UPDATE: LiveMe now gives free coin drops in included communicates! At the point when a supporter gets included, you’ll see a little money box toward the side of the screen with a commencement clock. At the point when the clock is up, there will be a coin drop!

Live Me Gifts

Numerous supporters host challenges and question and answer contests on live me free coins. Regularly, the champs get virtual endowments in their DM. Official’s communicates do a great deal of virtual giveaways. Tail them and different supporters who do likewise. Virtual blessings in the DM add to your precious stone tally simply like communicate endowments. You can change over those jewels to coins.

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